Soviets Starve Millions to Death...
Ukrainian           75th Anniversary of Genocide
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Pope Recognizes the Millions Lost in the Holodomor

Intentional Act of Genocide Still Denied by Russia

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"Ukrainian President asks President Bush to recognize Ukrainian Genocide: George Bush Fumbles while Canada's House of Commons takes the lead and officially declares 1930's Soviet-engineered Famine in Ukraine an Act of Genocide" - When will President Obama make a statement?

Ukrainian President Victor Yushchenko is spreading the word...  millions of Ukrainian Christians were intentionally killed by the Soviets. The famine (sometimes called the Holodomor or Ukrainian Famine 1932-33) was not a natural disaster, it was a carefully orchestrated killing on a massive scale. President Bush may be showing his allegiances by  avoiding the controversy which would certainly  be embarrassing for the Soviets and other groups that may benefit from suppression of the facts. The more you learn about this twisted mess of death and propaganda the more shocked you will become.


Parallels in Africa (recent news):

Why did the Soviets get away with killing an estimated 7 million Ukrainians? This complicated story has been suppressed since the early 1930’s, but one man has dedicated his life to exposing the atrocities. His name is Professor Yar Slavutych and he is a survivor of the Ukrainian Holocaust.

While the Soviet Union has denied the mass killing and the press participated in an effective cover-up, the few remaining survivors are quietly dying out and have only nightmares to show for their participation. History exposed the horrors of the Jews in the Nazi death camps, but the stories of the "Other Holocaust" have been ignored.

“In a farm nearby, before the famine lived a young girl Yar had accompanied to school in happier times. For this her mother had rewarded him with candies and apples, and there was joking talk of marriage. In January of 1933, Yar learned, the mother had lost her mind, looked out into the farmyard and seen a huge turkey. She rushed out, slew it with a knife, and put it in a cooking pot. After eating her fill of the resulting stew, she looked for her daughter to share what was left. But all she could find was her daughter’s cap, all bloody. Returning to her senses, she realised she had killed her daughter. She ran into the village in despair, cursing the Soviets, was arrested, and shot.”

– Prof. Yar Slavutych, famine survivor.

How could the world sit idle as millions of Ukrainians were intentionally starved by the Soviets? There were a number of factors that came into play including the Soviet...


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